Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy, Hey Girl (official video HD)

"Hey Boy, Hey Girl", of the Chemical Brothers, is a single from the album Surrender (1999). Definitely a great classic that will be eternal! Rocked the runways around the world at the hands of great DJ's.
'Surrender' is also a favorite album for many fans of the Chemical Brothers.

The voice sample "Hey girl, Hey boy.. Superstar DJs.. Here we go!" was taken from the music "The roof is on fire" of Rock Master Scott and The Dinamic Tree.

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Jean Claude Ades & Vincent Thomas - Shingaling

Born and raised in Italy, currently living in Munich, and although a constant presence in Ibiza, Jean Claude Ades is a global DJ.

Despite having started early as a pianist, he is a DJ, producer, remixer and a composer of songs as well.
After learning piano from scratch, it was halfway to become a producer, using synthesizers, keyboards and computers, creating an unique and distinguishing own sound.

Over the past 10 years, he was shaking the international dance scene with his remixes, with their productions, and with his highly energetic live sets.
His most influential productions were, for example, "Shake that ass", "The color of my style", "Everything I do", among others.

His style, as a producer, can be defined as the context of his philosophy of music: "Music should be an overall sound as a mix of musical styles from 30 different countries, and be harmonious." This 'rule' is present in their dj-sets, where the beats from classic-house meet with contemporary electronic elements.

Now, Jean Claude Ades shakes the dancefloors with his versatility and his ecletic House 'vibes'! Among the tracks: "African Voices" and "Shingaling" which was written by Louie Ramirez in the 60's and then engraved by Kako and his orchestra.

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Dave Clarke live @ Best Perfection, Zagreb, Croatia (04.04.03) [ full video ]

Track List:
Andreas Kauffelt - Noisechamber
Christian Wünsch - Master AValanche A1
Kagami - Perfect Storm
Cole - Kitty
Paul Mac - Breakthrough (Paul Mac's Stadium Version)
Frank Biazzi - Turbulence
Surgeon - Death Before Surrender
Wilko - Work Your Body
The Mind Drums - It Is What
DJ Rush - Crobar
DJ Rush - Sinner Man (Remix)
Petar Dundov- Kaskada
Aphrohead - In The Dark We Live (Dave Clarke 312 mix)
Chris McCormack - Imagination (Ignition Technician mix)
Hardcell & Johan Bacto - Working Class
Ben Sims vs Mark Broom - Wang
Liaisons Dangereuse - Los Ninos Del Parque
Hell & Jonzon - Lifeform
Brother From Another Planet - Planet Earth
Christian Wünsch - Body Electric A1
Ecstasy Club - Jesus Loves The Acid
Technasia - Hydra (Renato Cohen mix)
Marco Carola - Appendix C B-side
Ignition Technician - Blunt Razor
Andrew McLaugchlan - Love Story (Re-Edit)
Space Djz - Ergonomix Part 5 A1 Loop 9
Los Tujlios - Tuna
Stanny Franssen - Transfer Room
Dj Misjah - Flip The Data
Echoplex - Magnetic Share Of Wonders
Scan X - The Blade
Robert Hood - The Metronome B1
Bob Brown - Woody McBride BS
Dave clarke - The Wolf
Dj Lenk - 142 (Joel Mull mix #2)
Millimetric - No Escape
Paula Temple - Contact
Umek - Lanicor
Panic Attack - Gun In My Mouth
Ade Fenton - Near Reality
Dj Bam Bam - Bumpin
Jess & Crabbe - The Hell And Back (Ghetto mix)
DJ Pj - Warp Zone
Mind Burn - Abstarct Synth
Twisted Clone - Catch The Elements
James Ruskin - After Dark
Dean Cole - Warning
Regis - Speak To Me
Makaton - Goat Bone
Dj Hell - Three Degrees Kelvin
Mould Impression - 1994
Renato Cohen - Pontape
Chris Liebing - Gasssenhauer (Marco Carola mix)
Secret Cinema - Acid Come
Ben Sims - Manipulated (Adam Beyer mix)
DJ Hell vs Richard Bartz - Break The Rulez

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